Hand made bow ties and accessories for the confident, well-dressed gentleman.

Born in rural Nigeria, there were no shops anywhere so if you couldn't grow it, make it or bring it with you, you did without it. The potential clothes problem was solved as my mother was a talented seamstress who taught me how to sew at an early age.
I maintained my sewing skills through college, my first career in international banking and my second career as a portrait photographer. After moving from England to Connecticut in 1990 I sharpened those skills up at the Parsons School in New York and reignited my love of fabrics and design.
When my family moved to Charlotte NC in 2002 I spent 3 years working in a couture design studio making wedding dresses, ball gowns, cocktail suits and tailored day wear. After my wonderful boss moved to Florida I was left without a professional sewing avenue until inspiration came from the unlikeliest of places: my then college-age son. About to spend too much money - that he didn't have - on a designer bow tie for a formal, I made him one instead. It was an instant success among his friends, and before I knew it I had orders for more - it was time to go public so I came to Etsy with a great hand made product and a lot of optimism!
Approximately 14,000 bow ties later, CCADesign is going strong. I choose fabrics that reflect every personality and concentrate on making affordable gentlemen's accessories of impeccable quality. In addition to individual sales, I am a trusted resource for wedding parties and I love working with brides and grooms to add important style flourishes to their special day.
With an impressive selection of fabrics, I have become a go-to source of bow ties, pocket squares, cummerbunds and suspenders. I am not affiliated in any way with Lilly Pulitzer® and do not represent that I am selling Lilly Pulitzer® items.
I use cotton and cotton blend fabrics and avoid making accessories in designs which can be found everywhere else. My products start conversations and make the wearer both feel and look special - and a little piece of me goes into every order. Everyone deserves some luxury in their lives and my colorful hand made accessories provide it in an affordable way.
Please enjoy browsing in my shop and thank you very much for your time and your business.

You can follow me on Facebook at facebook.com/ccadesign or on Instagram at @ccadesignbowties

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